Welcome to Smecons - Industrial Consultants for Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs)

Objectives - Background

  • Smecons has been conceived as vehicle to help Small & Medium Enterprises to make these stronger
  • Profitability and Sustainability of SMEs contribute substantially to the industrial growth and good Environment
  • SMEs form the foundation/back bone for major industries
  • In a competitive market environment, study and improvement of existing processes/Plant & Equipment do not get adequately prioritized in SMEs
  • SMEs find it difficult to get the necessary technical and financial support from Government organizations/major institutions. They bank mainly on the support of the major client industries
  • SMEs need a strong support from the knowledge pool of Experts in Industries

Objectives - What We Can Do

  • Provide consultancy services to industries/Enterprises, particularly those in Medium & Small scale, for enhancing the efficiency of operation
  • Improve profitability by modification of operation/management through infusion of better technologies and Lean Manufacturing Practices
  • Identify and facilitate resource mobilization for infusion of better technologies
  • To act as a bridge between SMEs and GoI/Quasi Govt as well as Educational Institutions to develop the appropriate technology
  • To explore and identify additional business opportunities through diversification with marginal inputs
  • To promote and proliferate employable skills among the youth

Services Offered

  • Identify bottlenecks for profitability and the ways to overcome these covering various areas including Energy Efficiency, Environmental systems including Waste Management & conservation of resources
  • Conduct studies and suggest ways to move forward in specific areas like motors & Drives, welding and Energy intensive processes. After study, steps will be enunciated for profit maximization and take up execution of the proposals on turn key basis, to ensure that the benefits are realized
  • Formation of SPV/clusters to synergise/aggregate the improvement efforts
  • Advisory Services on Finance and Business Management to Improve Profitability
  • Provide IT infrastructure services like Remote Infrastructure Management, networking, software security etc.
  • To introduce and promote reliable energy efficiency products/services
  • Promotion/Upgradation of Business/Technical skills in alignment with the needs


Under Constructions


To attain a level of a world class Industrial Consultancy firm at competitive costs, serving both domestic and global Small & Medium Enterprises to excel in their operation and be on par with global standards.


To support the Small and Medium Enterprises for their sustainable growth through end to end package of consultancy services including execution in the areas of

  • Enhancing the efficiency of operation including energy efficiency
  • Adopting environment friendly industrial practices
  • Infusion of better technologies and Lean Manufacturing Practices
  • Resource mobilization for infusion of better technologies
  • Additional business opportunities through diversification with marginal inputs
  • Promote and proliferate employable skills among the youth
  • Promotion/Upgradation of Business/Technical skills in alignment with the needs


Vijayasarathy. M - an Electrical Engineering graduate with over 55 years of experience as technocrat entrepreneur, well versed in operation of small & medium industries, possesses nearly 35 years of experience in energy conservation/efficiency field. Is associated with Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) in their Energy Management activities.

Muthu Jothi. M - Technocrat with 50 years of experience who held apex level positions in sugar industry, leading several projects in organizing Production and Environment Management in Process plants. Steered many Projects for capacity enhancement and Environment sustainability, Consultant for Confederation of Indian Industries(CII).

Mouleeswaran. S - a Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of industrial and institutional experience in heading major engineering industries, supported several start-up Industries/Business activities, possess 20 years of experience in energy efficiency projects pertaining to industries, possesses long experience in Energy audits, consultant on Energy Management for CII

Swaminathan. K - a Mechanical Engineer belonging to Indian Railway service for Mechanical Engineers(IRSME) with over 35 years of experience in Indian Railways, Consultant for Railway Rolling Stock and Environment Management for Confederation of Indian Industries.(CII)

Panchanadan - a mechanical engineer and a leading industrialist at Ambattur / Chennai for the last over 35 years. He is an expert in tools & dies and cold forming technology. Held the positions of chairman AIEMA Technology Centre at Ambattur industrial estate and is Joint secretary of TANSITIA, an apex body in Tamil Nadu for small and medium industries. He has done pioneering work in conducting industrial exhibitions and has been coordinating issues for MSMEs in various forums in Tamil Nadu state


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